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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

For MY pleasure?

Whoever came up with the slogan "Ribbed for her pleasure" obviously was not talking about someone who was knitting K3 P3 rib on a mens size 12 sock. Or two socks.

Also, another knitting tip: if you hate Rachel Ray and you know it clap your hand on the remote and change the channel before you screw up your tension.


At 6:38 AM, Blogger Kristen said...

Rachel Ray is too damn perky and she has chipmunk cheeks.

At 6:14 AM, Blogger warcrygirl said...

Okay, this swatching of which you speak...does that entail knitting strips and then sewing them together? Cuz I was totally going to do it that way. I'm assuming that's also how blankets are knitted?

At 3:18 PM, Blogger warcrygirl said...

So I'm watching Food Network today and this real annoying show comes on. Well, the show was fine, it was the hostess that drove me nuts. I change the channel but Captain Destructo whined. Thinking I was raising a future foodie I bite the bullet and let him watch the rest of the show. The hostess?

Rachel Ray. Funnily enough I couldn't knit while watching her, either.


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