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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

For MY pleasure?

Whoever came up with the slogan "Ribbed for her pleasure" obviously was not talking about someone who was knitting K3 P3 rib on a mens size 12 sock. Or two socks.

Also, another knitting tip: if you hate Rachel Ray and you know it clap your hand on the remote and change the channel before you screw up your tension.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Sock Yarn Porn, an FO, and a new address

Since I promised in my last post to post photos and then didn't, here's a slew of photos!

First up THE FO: I finished my Lucha Libre Lace project! Elfines Lace Socks for my Mom's birthday. And extra points for finishing before her actual birthday. Wanna see the whole thing plus all the info? Go there. We'll wait.


While we're waiting let's discuss my disgust with blogger. It's a pain in the ass a lot of the time. Why, just today while I was trying to post 14 tiny photos it decided it was full after only 5 and threw up. And then ate all the other photos. This happens all the time. So I took Kristen's comment to heart and signed up for worpress. My new address will be " slowknitter.com" (no linky goodness as there's just an "under construction" page) I'll let you know when it goes "live"

I like the name change. I never really liked the name for this blog. I set it up when I was still working on Close to Home and in my exhaustion I just couldn't think of a good yet original name. Yarnhoar (though I am one) was just too close to the Yarn Harlot. And while I really love Stephanie's blog, I don't want to seem like a complete stalker. I am stalking her, by the way. I'm trying really hard to get her to LA and to one of the cool yarn shops where not everyone is a completely bitchy knitting snob. (you have NO idea how many shops here are like that)

Anyway, I'll let you know when it goes "live". It would probably be up right now if not for my desktop being kind of sickly. And then just when I thought I had made it better my dsl decided to take a crap. I have to wait until Friday for AT&T to get it's shit together and get out here to fix it. I am currently posting from my laptop (with an 11" X 5" screen) and stealing wireless internet access from one of my neighbors. Since my neighbors stole free wireless from me for a few years before I decided to encrypt my wireless I figure it's payback time.

Are you back? Good. On to the yarn porn! (all captions before the photos)

This is Lorna's Laces sock yarn in # 708 Camouflage. Most likely socks for my brother.

This? This is 500 yrds of Hello Yarn's superwash 100% Merino sock yarn. Color: Focus
I can hear you asking why the two balls are different sizes. Well. I like to divide the balls up in two for knitting socks on magic loop. And Hello Yarn has an awesome site with all kinds of knitty, spinny, DIY kinds of projects. I decided to make their yarn meter. And this was my first attempt. Sad isn't it?

Here's my set-up. It's definitely home grown.

Here's the meter close up. Notice how it's being held on by screws and rubber bands. Nice! Also, the Rolatape meter is the older, sturdier model. Which may be great if you're measuring asphalt, but the tension on it because of it's weight makes for very tightly spun yarn balls. Not so good. My friend who fixes computers and all manner of other things (he's going to make me an electric yarn ball winder!) will be helping me to fix this and my computer when he gets back into town...

Second attempt at using the yarn meter. Two skeins of Koigu KPPPM # P622. Yeah I know I said I didn't really like knitting with Koigu because of the twist. I bought more anyway. Once it's washed it all becomes worth it.

Here we go for some serious porn... Bollicina 65% cashmere 35% silk fingering. It is softer than soft and is currently being knitted into socks for the boy for his birthday. I tried to knit this in the Jaywalker Pattern, but it just didn't really look right for a man with size 12 feet. Which is too bad because I spent some time re-writing the pattern for toe up magic loop with a short row heel. Anyway, these will be the six stitch slip stitch rib knit toe up magic loop with a short row heel (yeah I do love that short row thing, don't I?)

I went a little crazy over on etsy. I started buying sock yarn that wasn't the cotton lycra crack I usually buy. This is from Fearless Fibers. 550 yds of 100% superwash merino wool. 8 sts to the inch on US size 2 needles. Colorway: Brick House. It's just a tiny bit thicker than Koigu, almost like Koigu after washing. It it so soft! And there is so much. This will most likely be boy socks because of the yardage. It was cheap too. $12.99 plus shipping for 550 yds!

I also bought this. It's Twirlgirl Fibers 60% merino 40% cashmere fingering sock yarn. Colorway: Swamp music. 400 yds. This will become a pair of Elfine's socks for Me Me Me!

Lest you think I gave up buying cotton lycra sock yarn from Carolyn at Greenwood Fiberworks, here's the latest: From left to right:

Forest path (2), Vineyard (1), and Charcoal (2). I buy doubles for knitting for big manly feet.

Then I saw this and I had to have it. Had to. It's Gypsy Knits Travel sock kit in the Ice Cream colorway. Pink, brown, and natural! And it came in it's own bag, plus a tiny little hank to knit a headband. Very cute!

Ever since I got my first skein of the cotton lycra yarn I have been looking to buy some for my own dyeing. Carolyn's work is awesome, and I will continue to buy yarn from her, but there are colorways that I want to knit that NO ONE is selling. Like black and red striped (yeah I know it's hard to dye black blah blah blah. Trust me when I say that after re-dyeing all my black clothes for 10 years because of the bleach stains from work- I do know how to dye things black. Especially cotton) or pink and black, pink and brown, pink and orange...

What can I say? I like a more punk rock color pallete.

Anyway, I looked and looked. And looked and looked. Come on google, help a girl out. After TWO MONTHS of searching I finally stumbled upon what I was looking for:

THAT, my friends is 2.1lbs of cotton lycra fingering weight yarn. Or about 5000 yds. FIVE THOUSAND YARDS. Squee! I am so excited! Anyway here's a few good things to know:

Dyed or undyed, it is for me. I will be giving some to a few good people
(Lap, are you knitting socks yet? Kristen, your name is on the list.) The rest is for me.
I'm greedy like that. That 5000 yds will end up being about 12 skeins. Now it doesn't seem
like so much, does it? Also, I go back to work on this show in a few weeks (please DO NOT name the show in the comments; this blog is searchable. If you do I'll have to delete the comment and I hate that!) What does that mean? Well, it means that I'll be working 75-80+ hours a week. If you think for one minute that I'm going to be dyeing and selling yarn to supplement an income that doesn't need supplementing by a long shot then you are out of your tree. I don't need the money, and I'd rather be using the time it takes to dye and sell and ship yarn to, oh I don't know... sleep? (Those 9 hour turnarounds are ass kickers)

There are a few people who sell this kind of sock yarn. Carolyn at Greenwood Fiberworks
has sold me 99% of my yarn, including 2 hanks of the natural straight from her dyestock.
She didn't have to do that, but she's a very nice woman. Creating more competition for her
than she already has is not a very nice way to say thank you.

My order for Procion dyes and the various and sundry accessories are winging their way here from Dharma Trading co. As we speak. All I need now is a niddy-noddy to skein this stuff...

What arrived as I was typing this?


Okay, that enough blogging/bragging/ranting for one day. You think?