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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Order of the Sock

I'll post photos later today...

I have been nosing around Typepad and MoveableType this morning. Which is kinda funny, as Blogger is down right now. I never like it when that rare urge to post strikes me and I can't do it.
I'm not so sure that I can do MT, but as I look around at all the other knit-blogs I'm thinking that not all these chicks (well, mostly chicks) have IT degrees. Maybe it's not so hard…. (mwhahahahahahahha!)

In addition to starting yet ANOTHER blog ( Lucha Libre Lace) I have been on a sock tear. I like knitting socks. They're small, and they are portable and people wear socks nearly all the time. Unlike hats. Or sweaters. Or car covers.

First I started the pink socks. I finished one sock and cast on for the second like a good girl. And that's where it sits, cast on and abandoned. I realize that I don’t really enjoy knitting on DPN's in that size, plus I got all fancy on myself and learned the Magic loop method. Plus I forgot to write down my pattern notes… I will finish these, but they won't match exactly.

Then I started the baby socks. These are the socks that I taught myself magic loop on. I grew tired of wrestling the size1 addi turdos on these tiny socks. However, I am nearly done with these. I’m not looking forward to ribbing on such a little piece of work, but my cousin saw them and now I have to finish. Preferably before she has the kid (she’s due June 26)

Then I started my Dad’s “Plain Vanilla” socks. My Pop only wears white socks, unless he’s wearing a suit. Then he wears dress socks, usually black. Guess who is absolutely not knitting all black dress socks that my Pop will never wear because he rarely needs to get dressed up anymore?

I convinced Carolyn over at Greenwood Fiberworks to send me two undyed blanks of her cotton/lycra sock yarn. She was really nice about sending the blanks, as they are straight out of her dye stock. I cast these on and have started writing a toe up pattern using the Turkish cast on (short rowing on this yarn is tricky enough without having to do a short row toe AND heel). When I decided to knit socks for the men in my life I went looking for patterns for guys with big-ass feet. And found nothing that I liked. Hence the writing of my own pattern.

Did I mention that this yarn in not dyed? And that my Pop doesn’t like any sort of design element? So I am knitting plain, white STOCKINETTE socks with a short row heel in a size 11.5. Did I also mention that I wanted to have these done 3 days before Father’s Day due to shipping issues? (due date June 15) Update: Not happening. Maybe for his birthday in October. Instead I donated books in his name to the Dewey Donation System . Go there and donate. People need books.

Then there is the Lucha Libre Lace project. First it was going to be a lace stole for my mother’s birthday. Then I found the Elfine’s socks pattern and decided to go with these instead. Maybe that way I’ll actually finish something that is lace. Plus, they’re pretty.

I’ve cast these on. Three times. The first two cast on and frugging (fucking + frogged = frugging) incidents had nothing to do with lace and everything to do with my not liking how the M1 increases were looking. I figured it out ( I was doing it wrong, duh) and they look fine now. Except that I am getting some laddering on one side of each sock.

I am using Koigu KPPPM #803. And I’m going to commit a little bit of knitters sacrilege right here…

I don’t really like knitting with Koigu.

Perhaps I am being unfair, as every freaking knitter in blog-land loooooves Koigu. I think it is over twisted. It looks beautiful once knit, but the over twist is causing some serious problems with the magic loop method. And also my sanity. I am using a 47" needle so I shouldn't be getting such horrible twist. I could switch out to regular needles and see if that helps, but I am committed. And also the pattern is written for Magic Loop. And it's going pretty fast. Maybe, when I am done, washing and blocking will help...

Although the lace smack-A-long goes until around Labor day these socks are for my Mom's birthday, July 16.

There is one more pair of socks that need to be knit. I have the yarn, but I haven't cast on yet. The fact that all my addi's for magic loop are in play might be one factor. Or that I already have 3.5 pair of socks with some serious deadlines might be another.

But I do need to get started on these as well. They're for J* for his birthday. And out of all these people I'm knitting for, he's the only one who actually asked for socks.

Wish me luck.


At 4:59 PM, Blogger Jennie said...

I haven't bought Koigu because its price deeply offends me (the only Noro I have was on sale), but--could you explain a bit about the overtwisting? How does it cause you problems? I do end up with kinked yarn when I knit, but it always happens to me and I have to periodically dangle my project and let the kinks out. Thanks.

At 1:36 PM, Blogger Kristen said...

I know it's not MT, but your mention of poking around on those bloggity sites made me think of a post from another friend. Iunno, maybe there's something in there that'll help you.

Have fun with that plain white stockinette. I actually started a pair of those for my MIL, who's allergic to wool, using size 000 DPNs and size 10 mercerized cotton crochet thread. >.<

It's been over 2 weeks, and I'm still on the toe. I think there are some 90 stitches on the needles and I'm still increasing. That's how small these are. Then I'll have to make them into a stretchy lace or ribbing so they have some memory. I'm starting to think it was a bad idea, considering all the work that'll go into a pair of plain white socks.

In other news, I'm past the 6th increase round on the Pi shawl, I put in another lifeline, and I've written the pattern on index cards so that I won't accidentally knit too far this time. Aww yeah, lace. Who's yer daddy now?


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