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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


For Lap...

Lap asked me what the tiger's name was. It took me a minute to remember. But my memory was then jogged by an email I sent to Galaxy about 18mos ago.

"I'm including happy pictures...the first is of some old fends. The tiger's name is Tricky. I don't know why, it just fit. He's either enigmatic or embarrassed to be seen with his other two companions. Timothy is the turtle. I think he has some mild retardation or residual brain injury. He's very sweet and always smiling like that. Charlie is in the back. I think he was originally named Boo-Boo, but he told me he likes to be called Charlie. I've had Charlie since I was 4. He's lost a little of his beans over the years, and needs help sitting up, but he is a good guy and keeps Tricky in line. Timothy looooves Charlie."

Anyway, here's Timothy helping me show off my progress on the pink sock.

Tricky was being kind of grumpy when I found him hiding under the couch today. He was grumbling something about pink. I can only surmise that he was upset that he had to wear the pink sock/hat. You'll see him again when he calms down.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hey! I finished something!

The booga bag... she is done.

Here it is in all it's felted glory:

I felted it twice. Three times would probably have been better in terms of stability, but I didn't have enough yarn to do the full 60 rounds called for. So the bag is a bit short. Also, the fulling process did not completely take care of the little gaps in the knitting that the slub yarn created in the thinnest part of the yarn.

So it was an okay project where I used up some yarn that would have never gotten used. This'll be a gift to someone. Lap, gimme your address as I think this would make a lovely purse for a little girl.

That socks! (yuk yuk)

So for a while now I have been trying to knit socks. I bought the tiny tiny needles. I bought books. I bought sock yarn. I've started socks and ripped them out. I've started other socks and they sit languishing on the needles. What IS my problem? I know how to knit, I know how to yarn over, how to make short rows. Yet, I can't seem to "get" sock knitting. I bought more sock yarn, because I'm pretty sure if I find the"perfect" yarn then sock knitting will come to me magically.

Part of the problem (I think) is that starting a sock off by knitting from the cuff down is completely boring. There. I said it. So I tried WendyKnits' generic toe up sock pattern. It's a good pattern ladies. Problem is, I'm not in love with the provisional cast on.

So I went over to Knitty to see if they had anything to help me. They did.

In the new Knitty there's an article called Magic cast on for Toe Up Socks . I haven't knit socks on two circulars (yet) so I did some fiddling with the double pointed needles. Lo and behold:

THAT'S A TOE PEOPLE! It's downright fabulous, if I do say so myself. Now I am excited about knitting socks.

I knit it up with this yarn here (Greenwood Fiberworks handpainted cotton sock yarn with lycra). It's the same yarn that I showed you a photo of in my last post. Doesn't it look pretty all nicely wound on the ball winder?

There is however, something a little disturbing about this yarn. And no it's not the fact that I'm getting 10 sts to the inch instead of the 9 sts it is supposedly supposed to knit up. (I'm not a tight knitter so what the hell is up with THAT? I guess my mileage does vary)

This yarn is dirty. Well, not dirty. But it has these weird dried dark flecks of something in it. And when I knit it turns lengths of the yarn a blue/ purple/ dingy grey color. My money is on dried dye that wasn't properly rinsed out. I've never had this happen before. I'm hoping it washes out.


There is currently no progress on the blue sock. But you knew that, didn't you? I did change the Brittany needles out so that I could use them on the pink socks.

I can hear you asking me why I did that, since I don't love these needles. Actually, they're better with this yarn than with the opal.

I did buy some new needles. They're called ChiaoGoo. I was all set to fall in love with them.

They're bamboo, with nice pointy points. And a really nice gloss of the shaft and tip (heeeee).

Of course there was a problem. See the writing on the needle? It's been lasered into the wood. Which was snagging the cotton in my yarn. And also? Making me crazy. Of which I do not need help. I'll try these with the opal. After I sand them down a little.

I nearly forgot about this yarn. I bought it when I bought the artyarn and the Chiaogoo needles and then piled other yarn on top of it. It's purple!

This came in the mail for me yesterday:

Pirate bag!

My stepmom knitted and felted it for me. Of course this was promised to me around Christmas. Damn knitters, they always take forever... ahem.

To be honest, I think this bag has been done for a few months, as my stepmom is a monster speed knitter. I also think she's STILL pissed off at me for not flying her out here in February when I sent my dad a ticket to come visit me for the weekend. It came to me thrown in a box, not de-fuzzed, and no note. Soooo. Hmmmph. Still pissed. Whatever. Maybe I'll use it as a demonstration on how I get the fuzz off felt.

K. Going to knit on the pink sock. Yay!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Let's get ready to Rumble....

So far , in the scoring, it's Dew Cardigan: 5 Wendy: 0.

If you'll notice in the WIP meter I've moved the DEW line back to 1%. Sigh.

In my previous post I had briefly mentioned that lace was smarter than me.

WAY smarter than me.

While knitting this in the Kid silk Haze I ripped back and cast on 3 times. Then I cast on with a different yarn. And then I ripped THAT back. Twice. Because SSK really does mean slip knitwise and NOT K2tog tbl. Hmmmph.

Did I mention that I'm allergic to mohair? I think I did but I might want to emphasize that I am allergic to mohair( and angora and some alpaca). And to needles with shitty points for picking up lace.

So i reimagined this project with a different yarn and needles.

What did I get? Well, this is what I decided to go with. For now:

It's artyarns ultramerino4 in teal. It's very nice to knit, however I don't think it's right for this pattern. It might be better for socks.

I did find some very pointy needles to knit this:

Here's a close-up of the tips:

Suprizingly, these are Susan Bates Quicksilver circular knitting needles. I usually hate Susan Bates needles.

They're not perfect though. The cable part of the needle feels and bends like uncooked spaghetti. And the join? Well, here's a photo:

The join sucks.

Speaking of socks... I was speaking of socks at some point, wasn't I? Anyway, here's the progress on the "dad" sock:

(shhhhh! These socks are really for Jonathan, but don't tell him okay?)

These are being knit in Opal Prisma in Navy on us size 1 Brittany 5" birch needles.
What do I think of the birch? Meh. They're kinda bendy, and I'm not a huge fan of the points.

I got some new sock yarn in the mail. You know, because I really needed some more sock yarn.

Yarn porn? Okay!

I got this on etsy.com. It's cotton sock yarn made with lycra. Because some people (cough*jonathan*cough) think that wool might be too hot too wear. Maybe those socks I'm knitting really are for my dad. (on a side note- why is it that all the men in my life have size 11.5 or 12 feet? Big feet = a lotta knitting on little needles)

And last, but certainly not least let's look at the the progress on the booga bag:

I haven't cast off yet. I wanted to knit the i-cord before I ran out of yarn. Here's the i-cord:

Why is it that when you need 6 feet of i-cord you can knit for miles and and yet you only have 4 feet? Seriously.

I can't remember what the hell kind of yarn this is. I bought it on SuperBowl Sunday when this yarn shop I've never been in was having a sale. It's a slub yarn, so I'm not really sure how it's going to felt. But hey, it's wool. It'll felt.

I should finish this by tomorrow. And then? Then I can FELT it. In my own washer. Heh.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's starting to look like a blog!

So nothing new to report on the yarn buying front. I mean, I bought some new yarn, but I'll wait until it shows up to distribute the yarn porn. All I will say is that it's cotton and lycra AND it's hand dyed.

I've done a little redecorating on here. If you'll look to your right you'll see that I put in a notify list. That's right! A special Yarnhoar notifylist of it's very own. I have another blog, as some of you know, but I'm not linking it here. This is the "public" diary. The other one, because I would rather not get dooced, is not so public.

Also, if you divert your attention back to the right you'll see that I now have WIP bars. Squeeee! A big THANK YOU to this Cool Chick for the help and letting me steal hotlink her images. She's nice like that. And she has cute cats.

Ok, I've got to go to a birthday fondue party. Maybe tomorrow I'll post photos of my WIP's.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Thank god Jesus has risen

Which means that I can buy more yarn. Thanks Jesus!

I bought some sock yarn (Opal). And then I went crazy and bought this:

It's Kim Hargreaves' cardigan called "DEW". I bought the color in "heavenly". I love the color, but I do have a problem knitting with mohair. All the little hairs get in my eyes. So I'm thinking of getting a cashmere or merino 2 ply and knitting it up in that.

So after I tried knitting the pattern for the back without swatching I did something really bold...

I tried swatching it so that I could figure out the lace pattern. Because the lace was way smarter than me.

On a side note: Do you think it would be gauche of me to return the Lantern Moon 14" 4mm ebonies I bought to knit this thing? They only have the tiniest amount of blood on them from when I stabbed myself in the eyes because the points SUCK for picking up lace.

More later on the next yarn purchase...