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because all the other good names were taken

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


For LAP:

The pattern was BETTY from Knitty.com's "Sex and the Knitty" issue. Without going over there and checking I think it was the summer issue from 2005.

I knit this with Cascade Fixation on size 5 (U.S.) addi turbos (my favorite needles, btw). It was knit straight (not in the round). I had to fiddle with the pattern a little bit to get the correct stitch count and gauge. I also cheated and went to the fabric store and bought the trim, rather than making the ruffle, because seriously, who has time for that?

It was also my first time doing yarn overs. I had to rip it back twice before I got the hang of the YO's. If there's a way to fix a fucked up YO I haven't stumbled upon it as of yet.

I'm a self taught knitter for the most part (my grandma taught me when I was 10, but I stopped pretty soon after that and didn't pick it up again for 20+ years) so a lot of what I do is trial and error.

Which leads me to a question:

How long have you been knitting and who taught you?

Answers in my comments, please!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Why yes, I do get paid to knit.

This is what I do at work to keep myself out of trouble. Seriously, working on a tv show is boring.

Anyway, I got the pattern (Betty!) from knitty.com. Go there and look at all the beautiful things.

I'll be making this site much more habitable as soon as I'm not knitting working 70 hours a week.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

How many blogs can one girl have?

Apparently as many as I want.

As soon as I get off my crazy show I will be making this into my knit blog.